~~420 PROMO~~

We meet again, Yeti Fam! As always, thanks so much for the unconditional love and support this year! With 4/20 rolling around, we've made some major changes that we'll cover in this newsletter!


Until 4/20 or while products last, orders will receive 50% extra product - no catch! The majority of our menu has been updated to reflect 50% additional product on each order. For example, when buying:

  • 1 OZ - you receive 14g FREE
  • 14g - you receive 7g FREE
  • 7g - you receive 3.5g FREE
  • 3.5g - you receive 1g FREE
  • Applies to live resin, shatter, diamonds, distillate, and flowers
  • Note: flower purchases will be limited to 1 oz FREE flower (random strain)


Please allow up to 48 hours for your points from previous orders to display. If they do not display by April 9, please contact us.

The specifics of this program and more information can be viewed by clicking "Reward Program" on the bottom right of the website. In summary, $1 spent = 5 points which is redeemable in the Reward Section for an average ~8% cash-back value. 

  • Cryptocurrency payments will receive double reward points!
  • Note: Products from the Reward Section must be added to your cart and be redeemed by entering your redeemed voucher at checkout
  • Note: If you do not have an account but have made orders as a guest on our website, points for previous orders can still be credited. Please make an account and contact us letting us know.


Even in our earliest newsletters, we've made giving back to less-fortunate individuals across Canada clear. That's why 2% of all revenue throughout the remainder of April will be donated to non-profit organizations. Specifically, donations will go towards benefiting at-risk minorities: providing meals to those in need, products to women shelters, and cash donations to non-profit children hospitals. Thank you for making this possible YETI FAM!

2% may not be much but it's certainly better than nothing <3 


By popular request, additional cryptocurrency payments will be available this week including: 

  • Cryptocurrency payments receive double reward points
  • Cryptocurrency payments receive 20% additional product
  • Already paying with etransfer? Websites like CoinSmart allow for crypto payments with etransfer!


 ~Mark and the YETI TEAM