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Yeti Greens

QIQO Labs Live Resin Vape Pen

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Each vape pen includes a ready-to-use vape tank containing a 1.1g 50/50 mixture of live resin and distillate with an attached rechargeable pen. Nothing else to do other than unpack and start vaping! Note: liquid refill only. 

Absolutely no added fillers, VG, or terpenes. Ingredients: 0.55g distillate Delta-9, 0.55g live resin.


Yeti Greens is happy to announce the hosting of products by QIQO Labs. QIQO (Quality In Quality Out) Labs are a team of high-quality extracts producers with an emphasis on using quality inputs to create quality outputs. Simply put, Quality In = Quality Out. 


FAQ: What is the difference between distillate and live resin pens/carts?

Distillate carts use strictly distillate and generally include added terpenes for flavor. As distillate mainly contains THC as it's psychoactive ingredient, distillate high is generally referred to as a one-dimensional head buzz. In contrast, live resin pens/carts contain both live resin and distillate. As live resin contains more psychoactive ingredients and other cannabinoids aside from THC, this create a more intense, full-spectrum buzz.