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Yeti Greens

Purple Frost

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AAA Indica. potent but can use a little boveda love

Purple Frost is an eye-catching, indica-leaning hybrid that was brought to life by Portland-based breeders Resin Snob when they crossed Obama Kush with staple hybrid Skunk #1. It resulted in a strain that carries a sweet, funky flavor profile that compliments a dynamic and creative high, with a multicolored flower to guarantee a full sensory experience. Purple Frost’s THC content has been measured at a wide range between 9% and 25%.

The first thing to stand out about Purple Frost’s flowers is their size. These jumbo buds hold together in tapered, elongated formations which look somewhat like bullets, and have an indica influenced internal composition. But the real attraction is the leaves. They show off a dappled array of dark green, deep purple and indigo colors, with the latter hues caused by the high concentrations of the pigment anthocyanin. Finally, frosty white trichomes account for their psychoactivity and makes it hard to break up by hand.