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Yeti Greens

Garlic Sherb

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  • AA-/AAA- great cure and potency. Stronger earth dank and terpy profile, strong on pinolene. Excellent and strong buzz, long-lasting. Trim job is decent.. amazing bulk prices with this strain 

This high-powered Indica seems to charge the battery instantly, as some users reported a calm yet focused wave of motivation overcoming them. Despite the high THC content, users felt they were still able to be productive and remain focused while pain and anxiety were greatly reduced. Some users suggested that medical users, suffering from ADHD, PTSD, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression might benefit from the soothing qualities of Garlic Sherbet. After what was described as a clear-headed euphoria, most users saw a surprisingly gentle return to cruising altitude. Stimulation of appetite and a deeper sleep was reported by some users, making Garlic Sherbet a versatile hybrid that can serve a purpose in the morning or evening