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Yeti Greens

AAAA Zilky Zmooth

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  • AAAA Indica.. premium terpenes and absolutely skinny pungent childhood gas station gas gas dank… stinky stink, resinous coated, leaves you comatosed 

Zkittlez crossed with Silky Johnson (Secret Weapon x Skywalker OG x Grateful Breath) results in a new unique strain, Zilky Zmooth, that is pleasing to the palate, the eye, and the cannabinoid receptors. The terpene profile takes after the Zkittlez parent more than anything else and her flavours are very sweet. Abundant in terpenes and THC she would make some very nice extracts. Within 8-9 weeks of flower, you can expect lovely pungent-smelling harvests of resin-coated, flavorful buds.