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Yeti Greens

AAAA Biscotti

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  •  AAAA biscotti.. caked and sugared out, smokes like a solid sativa. Tastes amazing, natural light sweet flavor in joints 

Named for the beloved character from The Mandalorian series, Baby Yoda packs a serene and calming high that will make you feel like you're becoming one with the Force. The high will settle in slowly, beginning with a tingly sense in the back of the head and neck that is pleasantly calming yet arousing. You'll feel happy and lifted as the tingle gently wipes away any bad moods or racing thoughts, replacing them with tranquil, blissful nothingness. A boost in sociability accompanies this heady effect, leaving you feeling outgoing and chatty, although you're not going to be able to focus on much of anything other than laughter at this point. This tingle will soon turn sedative, leaving you sleepy and dozing off before you realize what's happening